by Dakota Slim



Por Mary Joon y Niña Blanca

† In memoriam: Thomas Ross Sr., John Alan Keats and Rafael Weinstein †

Created between the August 2017 Eclipse and June’s Full Moon 2018.
This album is testament to love and magick.

The album’s Audiomancy and Folklore to be shared soon.


released July 17, 2018

Completed on June’s Full Moon (6/28/18),
the 8th anniversary of these 8 songs’ muse
Releases everywhere July 17 / 18, 2018

Written/Performed/Engineered/Mixed by TRAVIS KEATS ROSS
~Revelator Rosz of We †he Hallowed

Duet vocals on the “COAGULA” portion of Track 7:
Mary Antoinette McKeever

Additional Mixing and fully Mastered:

Small samples of “Yégènèt Muziqa” by Getatchew Mekurya appear on Track 1 and Track 7.

Sample of Alan Moore on Magick at the end of Track 5

Sample of William S. Burroughs on writing and author Henry Miller at the end of Track 6

Special Thanks to Mary, Santa Muerte, Barry Wood, Dzarro & KittyKitters, Logan Ford & Rachel Sides, Bran Hernandez, Chris Shumaker, Noah Pfarr, Joel Hatmaker, SPARE SPELLS, Jimbo Kennedy, Iohannes Pontes & Simon Sotelo, Anthony Alvarado, The Ross’, The Keats’, The Weinsteins, The Smith’s and all who stood by, supported and shared love and materials through these turbulent eclipses. You are adored.


all rights reserved



Dakota Slim Portland, Oregon

The solo sonic adventures of Travis Keats Ross
(Revel Rosz) since 2004.




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Track Name: The NIGHT THIEF
Dripping underneath the leaves
My moon grows
Shadows hide the deeds
The day sowed
Basking in the open breeze
I feed

The Devil I know
I know

In this land of Nod
We hid our poems amongst the trees
The kingdom of the unseen
Begins to see
The final march and hum of hymns
To our victory
And as the kingdom sleeps
We forget to BE

The Devil I know
Track Name: WYLIN'
Ooh, You keep a Coyote Wylin’
Like we’re on the same track
And with your cunnin’ and you your guilin’
I ain’t never wanna get back

We were always on our way
Up tide in the undertow
I found release in the deeds
Of you and me and the unknown
I keep a long line on my mind

I keep a long line on my mind
It feels fine, I keep a long line on my mind
Down with the lovely weight and see what comes

And it was all worth it
Every bruise and every scrape
And let us never know life without the haste
And we can keep it going for as long as we see
A new road, just you and me

I keep a long line on my mind
“Your sins will find you out”
Screams the sullied bore
In your folklore
He thinks this desert’s for shore

And with a sooth-said haste
With his sun-bleached brain
Happily deranged
Yet perfectly sane
To exist in one space
Bitter and lamed

No Cactus Crowned
He will rue the day
And with his iron tongue
Yes, you will know his name

And with a sooth-said haste
With his sun-bleached brain
You’re home and you groan
But you can’t keep away
No, you can’t keep

Somewhere under the dunes
The shadows still loom
You buried yours too
Somewhere under the stairs
Caught in the snare
You buried yours too
But you can’t keep away

©dakota slim hymns / we the hallowed 2018
I am weightless
You rebirthed a dormant ghost
Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Bound to old bones
The inner metranome
The psychic dial tone
Now hushed after years
Of no one picking up the phone

This old devil took one helluva beating
Resilient, he released this skin with a grin
Then he said
"Been fun, kid, let's never, ever do it again"

I'm finally
I'm finally

At last
May I burst into jubilant praise
To assenting angels
Wasted bones
I thought I could use
Whatever keeps in line

Wasted nights
Out of view
With a howl and a bite

Whatever comes our way
You’re never gonna let it go

And I concede that we’re on that line
You know

Wasted love isn’t far out of sight

Wasted love
Sold to you
Sold to me
Soul to find

What comes our way
You’re never gonna let it grow
Wasted bones out of love, out of light

And I concede to the fruitless vines
To grow up
To bone up
To grow old
Track Name: The TETHER
It’s only when I’ve lost that I’ve found you
Tangled in rope that now binds me to you
I can feel that you’ve gone down this hole
And when I’m feeling like I hold
How I keep me on the runaround

Well life keeps me glowing
I forget the past
And I make it up as a go along
From everyone, I keep me out and dazed
I won’t get caught in the lungs I want to breath
When I’m six feet tall
You will know when I’m on my knees

We must never sever the tether

I want to love
To keep me honest
Down with the left
Down with the right
Never alone
And how I keep me running
I keep me young
And I sigh
When you left me alone

It’s only when I’ve lost that I’ve found you
Chained to the hue of the new moon
I summon severed arms
I cast out the charms to tether and unbind you
Never sever the tether

We drift and sway
As the earth rotates
Though the rope’s now frayed
Pull it tot to give it length
But never sever the tether

All will be displaced
With no light or case
Burned and birthed again
Now placed amiss to do it all again

Am I immaterial?
Momento in memorial
Shades of the same sun
Never as one, never as one

With solve underway
Your fists will never sway
Stamina is thunderous
Lord of the Salt
Now remiss again

With solve underway
One must circle to embrace
All will be displaced
To unravel, to unlace
Dissolves, distill
Dissolves distilled


Cast me out
I’ll loom and I’ll haunt
As a specter cursed to breath
You invoked my ghost
And though you hiccuped and choked
Your fears now mostly reprieved
You soured the naysayers who
Told you to go it all alone

Two lights undimmed
Without or with
Brighter within
Without or with

From Hazel to Blue
A sea change renews
Blinking between scenes
We are what we mean

A cactus crown blooms
Without the means to
Track Name: The CALICO GHOST
I cull from my many skins
A new robe of calico
And though the patchwork stems from many sins
It’s now bonafide and sacred again

There ain’t no more sighs
To get up caught in this tide
And like a good natured boy
I haven’t been fit to foil
Let millions more dead moons loom

Soon they’ll come around
Soon they’ll come around

What a ragbag ghost this calico host
Calico ghost

Soon they’ll come around
Soon they’ll come around
They’ll come

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